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Our Mission:

The National Sleep Research Institute (NSRI) is a 501C-3 (charity) organization that provides funding to sleep research laboratories for clinical and basic sleep research.

The NSRI insures the independence and purity of the work it fosters by accepting donations from and providing grants to persons and organizations that seek pure scientific discovery and have no intent to and will not in any way benefit financially from the outcome of the research.

100% of the monies donated go directly into research. The officers receive no compensation and incidental costs are paid for by the officers.

Current Projects:
The NSRI is currently funding 3 projects:

The first project was and is the building and development of The Sleep Research Laboratory at Rockefeller University.

The second project and first actual sleep study at the new Rockefeller Sleep Laboratory is a study of sleep patterns and insomnia in survivors of breast cancer.

The third study explores the basic nature of sleep in people suffering from insomnia.

The NSRI has garnered the support of researchers from 3 major institutions, Rockefeller, Columbia and Cornell Universities. Researchers from other institutions are invited to join the initial team.
Founders and Directors:
Neil B. Kavey, MD            President
Patricia Bauman                  Executive Vice-President
Gary Gladstein                    Treasurer                             
Supporting Organizations:
The Bauman Foundation
The Gladstein Foundation
        Neil B. Kavey, MD
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University
                  Director, The Sleep Disorders Center at Columbia University Medical Center

Donations should please be sent to:
The National Sleep Research Institute
c/o Gary Gladstein
Soros Fund Management
888 Seventh Avenue     30th Floor
New York, New York 10106

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